Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forgotten Lunches and Nature Gathering

The middle Bowerbird forgot his lunch last week, unfortunately it coincided with a drizzly day that I was without a car.  This is despite me reminding him to take his lunch,  and him putting a banana in the lunch box. He's very day dreamy. After a grumpy mummy moment, the little Bowerbird and I rugged up for a stroll to school.  To keep her enthused about the walk I gave her a bag to fill with treasures on the way.

She gathered all sorts of wonderful pieces from the bush and we talked about what she had found.  We stopped for a while and silently watched a wattle bird pluck blackberries for its morning tea.

The middle Bowerbird was delighted to see us arrive with his lunch box, he had just been looking for his sister, hoping to scrounge a morsel from her. She's never forgotten her lunch and is very organised. He quickly stole off with his lunch box  with a big thankyou but no farewell, he was very stomach focussed at this stage.

Off we wandered home. The little one pulled out her treasures and played with them on the floor. Turning the pieces into  individual sculptures.


The orange rocks she described as a "sunset rocks". I told her about the arils on wattle seeds and how ants like to steal them for a tasty treat, carrying the wattle seeds into their homes and accidentally planting them for the trees.
 A ghost leaf
 We got out the light box to see how things looked in silhouette.
 The little Bowerbird told me the stories of her creations, each one had a name and tale to go with it.

I was grateful for the middle bowerbird's forgetful nature by the end of the day, the journey became a welcome diversion from our routine, and I couldn't really be cross, as this character trait comes entirely from me. 

The little one was stealing my flowers for some outside creations today, "this one is a silla mum, can I have some more white flowers?". 

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  1. Your world is always so calming, Kirsty. I was reminded of the whinge-fest we had going up the hill to school this morning... no gathering of organic sculptures going on there!!! x

  2. Love the blog, enjoyed every bit...she made a great collection!Farewell Lunch Invitation Messages

  3. Love the found object sculptures, beautiful little one x x

  4. Mornings like that are treasures.

  5. What a sweet little girl, and a lovely adventure!

  6. Ha Maxabella, we had the 3 year old whinge fest in the car returning from our holiday today, not always so calm I can assure you.

    More beachy sculpture this week opal hearted - love the confidence of the little ones in their creations.

    Treasures indeed Andrea, just needed to stop and enjoy it.

    Thankyou Greer, children take you on the best adventures, they know all the good places.


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