Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grateful for Vintage and Surprises

Occasionally I find genuine vintage kids clothes at the op shop. I adore them.  I think they remind me of when I was a kid, and how wonderful I felt wearing the special seventies and eighties numbers that mum would dress me in. Unfortunately, the love is not always shared, and there is no making this girl wear what she doesn't want to. She was most adamant, when I first showed her this dress, that she would not be wearing it. 

The little Bowerbird is watching a large black spider pounce on a fly here. 

There are little sail boats on the shirt.
I cannot express the joy I felt when the little Bowerbird came downstairs with this dress in her hand (she chooses all her outfits). It's just ridiculous, I'm still smiling a whole week later. I think I like dressing her up just a little too much.

She actually wore another beautiful vintage dress on Sunday, her big sister conned her into putting it on by saying "only big girls could wear this dress". She's so clever, why didn't I think of that? the wonders of reverse psychology

 Of course she did have to add her own bit of styling.
Thoroughly mad, but I'm grateful for vintage and dress ups. Linking up with Maxabella Love's grateful posts.

Little boys really miss out.  I had a bag of stripy socks for the kids to choose from this weekend and the middle Bowerbird wanted the orange and pink pair. The big Bowerbird scoffed, and told him they were for girls.  I told him they weren't, but warned him that if he wore them to school, he might get teased.  He shied away from them at the thought of ridicule, he's not thick skinned. Now I'm wondering if I should have said anything, maybe no one would have teased him. Silly gender stereotypes that I'm helping perpetuate, who started off that stupid pink rule anyway?


  1. I think you're doing well having him still like pink. My 2 yr old used to love pink - because his 5 yr old sister did but today when I brought him pink socks he screamed "no for girls" at me. He's still wearing them because nothing else is clean but I didn't wonder where the idea that he shouldn't wear them came from.

  2. She looks so smart! That really is an eighties number, isn't it! I like her shoes too... Badoo favours 'silly feet' too. x


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