Sunday, March 25, 2012

Decorating Easter Eggs

The big Bowerbird was inspired.  Let's decorate eggs!

First we blew them, even little Bowerbird had a go. The bigger the hole, the easier it is.  We used a needle to make the holes and pierce the yoke. 

They then had a big wash under the tap.

The big Bowerbird tried painting them with oil paints- she didn't like the look,and washed them clean. Then she tried fabric pens, but screwed up her nose at her efforts and washed the eggs again. Perfectionist!  The fabric pen egg was beautiful, lots of swirls and whorls, but not in her eyes. 

Finally, we tried putting on leaves (using glue stick) and stickers, then stockings over the top, and dipping them in food dye mixed with water and vinegar. Unfortunately, I was a little adhoc with the addition of vinegar and time of dunking, and it had a slightly corrosive effect on the eggs.  They're not perfect, much to the big bowerbird's disgust. I actually think they're quite lovely. Middle bowerbird described the cracked egg as a Halloween egg, "it's like a spiders web". At least someone was pleased.

We actually used a different cleaning suggestion, which was shaving cream - it worked amazingly well and would be worth keeping on hand solely for this use.

I still have the pot of food die and have been adding cleaned cracked egg halves to it whilst baking.  Just a quick dip and they're a lovely shade of blue, more intense on the white interior.

The kids have been further getting onto the Easter spirit with some Easter colouring in competitions.

The littlest has seen the sparkling chocolate in the shops and is desperate to know when Easter is coming and the legendary bunny will turn up. "Is it Easter today mum?". It will be a long wait.

Anyone else decorating eggs?

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  1. You are wonderfully organised!

    It's funny because I have blue food dye on my hands today..from dyeing fibre. Stubborn stain it is..I don't think we have any shaving cream in the house either! Oh well, lovely goings on at your place, it looks like much fun. :)


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