Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frogs are Calling

Dad came in with something exciting. Everyone wanted a hold.
A Southern Brown Tree Frog.  These are calling a lot at the moment, some have taken up residence around our bath pond.  I love their conversation while I'm pulling weeds from the garden.  Often they call before rain but they have been a bit off the mark of late. You can listen to one cree cree creeing at this website http://frogs.org.au/frogs/frog.php?frog_id=3

 I just adore frogs, so kooky and fragile. Look at those alien like padded toes. Any frogs calling at your place?


  1. We don't have enough water lying around at our house for frogs, but I do like them! They are the cutest things.

  2. Oh lovely! Yours are so cute. I have frogs that go 'plonk'. Mine are striped marsh frogs. I have lots of tadpoles at the moment too - a lovely legacy of a wet summer.

  3. cute! lots around here but can't see myself holding one. Can't cope with the sliminess!

  4. Whoa! Frogs do look very cute...But I'm kind off scared of them...Once in a biology class I pierced a needle into an unconscious frog and it jumped right on my face! Not enough anesthesia... I was scared... :D

    Liked this post... :)

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  5. Frogs are adorable, such cool and friendly little creatures. I wish there were more of them around here, I rarely see any. What can be heard here at the moment is the incredible 'singing' of the Canada Goose. Long into the night, but that's the same with frogs I suppose.

    Thank you for your 'all the best stuff has a patina'. Not only is it brilliantly put, it's also true.
    Lilli, hugging you from far away

  6. Mum and dad have lots at their place and looking at yours they look to be the same sort. They are also Macedon Ranges so it makes sense.

  7. I bet you get some interesting frogs after rain in the Flinders Ranges Sorcha. Some of those burrowing lumpy varieities no doubt.

    Gardenglut we get them occasionally here too, I like their puck sound. Yes I imagine it's a good year for frogs.

    Ah Kimbamel, so cool that you have them, lots of habitat nearby in your creek.Need to organise a gardening day with you soon!

    Manju that sounds HIDEOUS, no wonder you have issues. Your recipes sound divine!

    Good night Olivia, I'm off to see if I can find a recording of a Canada Goose. Must sound haunting calling at night. Yes the frogs are pretty persistent but loudest at dawn and dusk, the nights are getting too cool for them to be out.

    Liz, these guys are common as muck, we find them all the time but I'm always delighted.


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