Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can you hear the buzz?

So cool to see the bees tongue

Check out those pollen sacs 

They dive right in and do a full circle - very methodical gathering


 I wonder where they're taking it all? wish we had a hive of our own, no shortage of food here at the moment.


  1. I wonder too! I heard the buzz today as I was outside and had to stop what I was doing to observe the gathering. Fascinating stuff. It was cherry blossom and seeding kale that they were feeding on. :)

  2. Kirsty, I have just discovered you kindly left a comment on my Dobies blog - how rude of me not to have noticed. Because it is a group blog, I don't have any notification set; comments just appear. I'm so glad you find it useful -so far away. I also write an online newsletter for Dobies once a month and that always has an education section in it. You can request it (free) by clicking on the relevant point on the blog - the photo of the robin - it takes you to the newsletter archive. (And I love those photos of the blue borage and the bees; on of my favourite herbs.)

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  4. Baby bees house did a post about bees too (great minds...) Your photos are superb. What camera do you use? P.S. linked to this post in my last post roundup. Enjoy your kid's holidays.

  5. Just beautiful! So amazing to see them so clearly up close. Makes me want to come and play in your garden!

  6. Its the same here right now, when I walk out the back door I hear the hum/buzz filling the air. Its my Maple tree that they are most busy in but I see them in the fruit blossoms and all the other opening flowers too!

  7. Thanks for the link Ann, love your sites.

    I have an old digital Canon SLR Earth Sky Sea that was gifted to me when a good friend updated her camera. How lucky am I? Just back from camping and enjoying the holidays.

    Kimbamel you are ALWAYS welcome all a bit wet and bedraggled after the rain.

    The bees love our maple too Tammy - such a tiny flower to create such excitement - our are just starting to open.


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