Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Condensed milk biscuits

Gosh I wish we could get this here! Just plain homebrand stuff for us.  That didn't stop Bowerbird dad from opening a tin and consuming 1/4 of it.  I couldn't believe it.  He just shrugged and said there was nothing else sweet in the house.  So the mystery of why there was 3/4 of a tin of condensed milk needing using in the fridge is solved.  All happened a couple of weeks ago apparently.

I found the perfect use for the leftovers, that were starting to go sugary, after reading Christine's blog post on her weeks eats, which included condensed milk choc chip cookies.  Apparently Mr Bowerbird is not alone in spooning sweet goo from the tin, Ms Slow Living Essentials also has a soft spot for the sticky stuff.   Everyone is going wild for these cookies including dad who ate 6 last night (or so) while we were at cubs.  We brought some to cubs to share for supper, and my son snaffled three even though there were more at home and plenty of other choices.


The little one helped cook.  Fortunately the recipe is very forgiving as: little one kept tipping in ingredients before they were measured, I had less chocolate, and was trying to add extra ingredients to use up the 3/4 tin of condensed milk (recipe only calls for 1/2 a tin). Little one stirred and did the very important job of licking the bowl.

I also found a use for the copha that has been sitting in the butter container forever....

Delicious chocolate crackles made with shredded coconut (as we didn't have dessicated), think I prefer it this way. Little one helped cook and lick and had a great time putting patty pans in the tin. I'd forgotten how super easy these are to make.

Little one is obsessed with not being dirty (and eating) at the moment, and always has the flannel at her side.  She took her shoes off outside today, because they were dirty and she couldn't bare to wear them - even though this meant walking on wet grass and dirt in her socks. Quite happy to eat the dirty carrots that aren't quite ready yet though, had a good mouthful of the brown stuff to spit out. She loves pulling out the carrots, I wish they'd hurry up and finish growing, looking promising as the roots have gone down to a good depth - just thin at present. If only the little one will let them fatten up.


  1. *ahem* Just quietly, try toasted crumpets with drizzled condensed milk. It was like finding gold :-)

  2. I have that same copha in the butter container in the fridge.

  3. Can you still buy copha? I was thinking about making choc crackles for daughters party but didn't know where to find it, although mum probably has some in the back of her pantry....

  4. CRUMPETS cityhippyfarmgirl?, think I'll stick to honey but my partner might be inspired. That copha does lurk bees house, think we first got it for coconut ice. Mum won't have it in the pantry Liz, should be kept cold, find it near the butter in your supermarket.

  5. So much fun there and yummy home-made snack! So Blissfull.

  6. Oh, they look delicious! So glad you tried them..the condensed milk makes life so easy (and good for when there are no eggs around).

    We usually use the Aldi tin..I haven't seen organic condensed milk before.. interesting.

    My mum likes to spread the remains of the tin on fresh bread .. late at night!


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