Monday, September 12, 2011


A cold wet September the 11th, the news was all sad.  We turned off the media, put away the papers. 

A seven year old birthday to celebrate. Sorry to have you on such an inauspicious day, though by the time you made it into the world I couldn't have cared what day it was, just pleased we all survived. You make the day special and show that life goes on after terrible things, wonderful things can happen.

He planned the day for us - a family games day with pancakes for breakfast, and sushi for tea. Both big kids had parties last year and both decided they didn't really like being the centre of attention.  Easy!

Helping dad make the pancakes, a Sunday ritual.  Little one wasn't keen on sharing the stirring spoon, a face of 2 year old despair.  Fortunately she was quite happy with the present opening, even though they weren't for her, and the middle one graciously let her help rip into them.

The colour and shape of the pancake is always a big decision.

We were so fortunate to have my wonderful dad and his very sweet brother and wife come join us.  One from Jakarta and two from far North Qld, they just happened to be around.  Whilst I was out picking them up, the vintage marbles present came out.

We had a lovely lunch, sipped wine, toured the garden and relaxed by the fire as the rain bucketed down.

Games played - Monopoly, Junior Monopoly (until sister tipped it over), the Memory Game, Brain Drain (not a winner with big sister as competitor), solitaire, and a bit of computer time when he was getting a bit tired and overwhelmed by it all.

Dad put rice on, I chopped some vegies, then big sister made delicious sushi for dinner.

Finally the ice cream cake the kids had made was devoured. Big sister gave it the strawberry flourish.  Caramel, peppermint, biscuity deliciousness.

I'm loving my little junior chef's help. 
Happy Birthday middle one, promise you one more game this week, see if we can avoid the little one upending monopoly. 


  1. love your pictures ... especially the montages ... gives you a feeling of almost being there! i would have chosen blue hearts too for my pancakes :)

  2. Surrounded by love and warm wishes on such a special day - that is exactly how birthdays should be.

  3. Oh happy birthday! What a wonderful birthday, it looked and sounded like so much fun and wrapped up in love and family and warmth! And happy birthday to the Mama too - we share the birthdays of our children equally.

    I LOVE that you turned the tv off. I used to work in tv and it made me a little nutty in a bad-way nutty (when horrible events happen & they broadcast 'live' for hours it made me even nuttier). The positive from it is that we never have it on at home. Ever. Ok, occasionally a dvd on the weekend. Occasionally footy or cricket. But it is never on for background noise. I'm so glad - I think this will be good for the Bean. When she is older I envisage pancakes and cakes and board games too.

    I also love the golden locks on your middle one - I have a soft spot, Bean is golden too.

  4. He looks like he had a wonderful day! So grown up now. Love the mosaic of pics - how do you do that?

  5. Thanks Kirsty, they were purple pancakes just for the record.

    Kimbamel - Easy to do a collage on Picasa, just select pics and press mosaic! Much easier than choosing between so many photos. He's losing the chubby cheeks of childhood and getting cheek bones - think you can imagine him all grown up now.

    Thanks for all the lovely words Beans Mummy and Bruise Mouse. It does make you think of the birth.

  6. It looks like a lovely day all round, thanks for sharing the pics. This ice cream cake looks like it was a real winner and so straightforward to prepare! Will be remembering this one...

  7. My kids choose their birthday pancakes, too! :) We often make teddy bears, or mickey mouse and whatever number/age they have turned. Lots of good memories :)

  8. Love those purple heart shaped pancackes and the birthday boys smiling face. If you want good news please visit Good News Network (unshameful plug for website I work on)

  9. Glad to hear there's others out there labouring over pancake creations little Home in the Country. Love a bit of good news GNN, was rapt he posed for the camera, pretty fickle about cameras.


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