Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our new furry pet

I think it is an Australian Painted Lady caterpillar, I photographed one near the spot where I found this caterpillar last week. http://landcare.blogspot.com/2011/09/bees-and-butterflies.html  I found it eating my silverbeet and despite offering it alternatives it is sticking to its favourite.  I have been reading a number of U.K. blogs and this seems to be more of a done thing over there.  Our first time keeping a caterpillar indoors and we're thoroughly enchanted, hope it turns into a butterfly.

Apparently less than 5% of butterfly eggs make it to maturity (surely this is not true with those cabbage whites), a lot of predators of the poor old caterpillar out there.

More on caring for caterpillars here




  1. What amazing closeups - you must have a great camera. i mut say i have never thought of keeping a caterpillar. i hope it transforms

  2. So cute! Love that Alice scene. It reminds me of a certain someone dressed up as a big caterpillar in a big green sleeping bag at an Alice in Wonderland party :-)

  3. I have a Canon digital SLR which has been great and a wonderful gift from a very kind friend when she upgraded!! Thanks Kimbamel, I am loving the caterpillar in the sleeping bag pics - wonder if he'd kill me if I posted them. Still have that costume downstairs.


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