Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I received a lovely little house in the post last week. 

The timing of its arrival was amazing . The night before I had written to 1000 Homes of Happiness letting her know we were thinking of her after digging up this (see below) when we were hunting for potatoes. Our own earthy house. Wish I had a before picture, it was seriously earthy.  I had written and requested a house weeks before and was writing to say it hadn't arrived and I din't want them to think I was rude if it had somehow gone astray. A little Twighlight Zone. Anyone know what it really is?

Getting back to the origami house.
We admired it,

ooohed, and 
The kids wanted to open it,
I hastily stopped them from destroying it.
I showed them the blog,
and explained what its all about, in a brief kid friendly way.
I chose the name earthy because - I feel happiest with my hands in it, and its an apt description of our house (and kinder than messy), it's also the person I would like to be. 
The kids and I tried to think of a special place to release our little earthy.
I felt an enormous weight of responsibility.
All the wondrous places those homes of happiness had gone before ours, and the incredible stories that others had shared - that gave their house meaning.
I put it in the draw so little hands would not steal it or destroy it,
and pondered about its release.
Finally it was a beautiful day and I thought the time had come to set it free.

I was off on an adventure to pick up some goods donated to me by a wonderful woman on Freecyle .  I did think of leaving it at the house where I received the gifted goods - they were left on the verandah for me to pick up.
 It was a lovely earthy mud brick house, and I did receive Earth Garden magazines (along with jars and books), but this location didn't seem random enough.

Left something else instead, some sunflower seeds and a jar of green and red tomato chutney.

I began to see houses in all sorts of places, and many possibilities.

Still not random enough.

Special to me, but too wet

Stopped for a coffee on the suggestion of the little one, who is obsessed with bubbacinos, this one came with wafer biscuit and sprinkles in a big mug.  Great gallery cafe and lovely staff but it didn't feel earthy, especially when obnoxious people sat near me and talked loudly about wearing red lipstick.

Beautiful meadow of daisies, earthy but not safe.

I had a great time in the op shop, and thought, yes, earthy people go to op shops, brought the camera and the house, but couldn't see the right place for it. It would just get lost in the chaos.

Went past Hanging Rock and had thoughts of placing it in a safe though somewhat obvious nook, someone could have a lovely earthy Miranda moment. I was worrying it was a Monday and when it might get found, and how wet it would be.

Then this happened,
and our Little Home is in my handbag waiting for its moment to shine.
I think I'm hoarding.

 Happy Phantom on Little Earthquakes
(searched earth and happy on my iTunes)

Tori Amos

the time is getting closer.....


  1. Very neat! I hadn't heard of that blog before...a fun concept. :) Looks like you had a busy day!

  2. Earthy is the perfect name. I did chuckle at the possiblity of someone having a 'Miranda' moment! Looking forward to seeing where your special house ends up. Lovely project.

    (and preserving jars? Whoop!)

  3. Whoop indeed Christine, might have to bring them for a visit to your house? Would be great when the nectarines go bananas. Such a fan of Picnic at Hanging Rock - the movie and the book - that a big rock could drive you into rapturous abandon. I studied it in year 12 Australian Studies, lots of discussion about the rock as a phallic object.

  4. I love your blog header! Thanks for your comment just then -xo

  5. I love your 'earthy' potatoes too..maybe your little house could be released in the potato..or some other root vegetable bin at your local vege shop?? I found out the other day that tiny taters are very good for you..especially if you're diabetic..the place just under the skin has good properties and they don't have as much starch as the big ones.

  6. I like that idea Naturally Carol. Love a tiny tater, think they're delicious. I think the fresher a potato is, the better it is for you too. They're such fun to hunt for, especially when you receive bonus treasures.


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