Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Op shop finds and no seeds

Went to pick up an item from freecyle (will write about in another post) and as a bonus had a lovely day op shopping.

Didn't know about the bonus zip until i got home - think I can take it off.

 Sieves for seed sorting

 A tray to paint with blackboard paint - idea I saw on Pinterest

Kids clothes $1, half price orange tag - work clothes for dad and mixed basics.  Big one ran off with her cowgirl shirt and shorts before I could take a picture, dad wore his cords to work today.

 Biscuit trays, came up well for a good scrub - we never have enough

have a couple of friends in mind for these ones 

 there's been a few breakages at our house lately, some new ones to add to the selection

 Not new but sits on our bench all the time, was looking so pretty in the afternoon light

 Middle one was all set to be my helper finding seeds in the mutato.

The cupboard was bare! Note the disappointed face. No more zuchinni travel pillows for us. This one produced late in the season so there mustn't have been enough flowers around for good fertilisation - just a theory anyway.


  1. I love the plate with the kids under, is it a waterlily? Very, very cute.

  2. Some great finds here :) Looking forward to seeing the tray done in blackboard paint ! Now following xx Ava

  3. I wish I went shopping with you to find such great stuff. My favourite is the bear cup and love the blackborad tray idea. Thanks.

  4. Liz, it is a waterlily, its tiny and I'm not sure what purpose the little plate will serve in my home but it is adorable! Thanks for following Ava, OMG I want to be a chicken at your house that hen house with bunting and spots is AMAZING! My favourite is the bear cup too Lesley. All found in one lovely little op shop.

  5. Thankyou, thankyou thankyou for the unexpected gift!! LOVE the beekeeping book..looking forward to curling up with it over a hot cuppa.

    Your op-shop finds are delightful! The little plate with the waterlily is so sweet.

  6. oh what great finds! seems like a VERY successful day at the op shops!

    am loving the blackboard tray idea! you will need to show us the finished product!

    kel x


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