Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting Xmas Crafty snowflakes and egg cartons

I had the Preps for Junior Landcare this week and wanted to trial a craft activity first. Enlisted the help of my little ones to make paper snowflakes.  They're so much fun.  Such a joy to unfold.

The preps used some beautiful bright coloured semi transparent paper and I plan on stringing them together for the school fete. They were tricky to cut for little ones but they enjoyed talking about symmetry and giving the adults instructions.  A good lesson on how to use scissors for maximum cutting power was had. 

The kids also had a go at making flower book marks by bashing flowers with stones.
They made a fairy scare crow, put up crafts in the fairy garden, and helped get the vegie patch under control with some straw and newspaper.

There are so many snowflake tutorials and amazing patterns you can do but it's fun going freestyle and seeing where your imagination takes you.

How cool are these!
 Also had fun making a fairy and xmas tree out of egg cartons with the middle one. Might be a fete activity. There are sooo many things you can do with egg cartons.
I like the look of these bells (click picture for link).
How awesome are these from Live Your Art? I'm a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Pinned Image

I went on a bush walk along the train line with the little one on one of the glorious sunny days this week. We brought a basket and gathered treasures. So many butterflies filling our skies this Spring.  When we got home I pulled out the little mermaid light box from the craft room.  This op shop treasure hadn't seen the light of day for a long time and had nasty batteries lurking inside, miraculously after a clean up and battery replacement it worked beautifully. It kept the bush walk joy going for a little longer. There were some amazing growths on gum leaves that looked like blueberries bursting open, perhaps a type of gall but they were quite soft.
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  1. So cool! The Darth Vader one is my favourite. Like the egg cartons idea as well. Your babies faces are glowing with happiness.

  2. Love your snowflakes - I was looking for something to keep the kids busy this weekend. I think my 6 y.o. will like nerd flakes!

  3. I love your egg carton bells! They would look great on the christmas tree.

  4. Your snowflakes are so fab! They will look great in your window. I might get those bairns of mine cutting away. The Darth one is sure to get Maxi at least slightly excited about the prospect of a crafting afternoon!! x

  5. Your snowflakes are lovely. It's always such a great craft to fall back on. They almost always come out well. I love that you have a "Little Mermaid" light box. It seems such an unlikely item to find Disney characters on. :)

  6. Oh, there is no more lovelier times than making snowflakes together. And so much fun your lot looks like they had! We share our bright ones here:

    Lovely post you've shared! -heather

  7. They're so cool! I love the photo of all the snowflakes together, would make an amazing window display!

  8. WOW!!! Those snowflakes are awesome!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration..

    jodie :)

  9. Love the egg faces will add to my activities list. thanks so much Nx

  10. I love Darth Vader too Malay Kadazan girl- will have to give it a go!

    Thanks Catway - a bit tricky for little ones to cut but they sure like doing the unfolding.

    The bells are very sweet Liz, think I'll give them a go.

    Thanks Maxabella, always love it when you can get the boys involved!

    Disney finds its way onto everything tinsenpup- all over the little ones gum boots and underwear.

    Love your snowflakes Heather

    I've sewn some together for the school fete Janelle - so many possibilities!

    Thanks for your kind comments Jodie and Easy Peasy Kids


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