Friday, November 4, 2011

Seedy and Grateful

This week I am grateful for having meaningful rewarding work, and the wonderful support I have had from family and friends. Mr Bowerbird and Nanna and Pa were a huge help with the kid juggle, and a good friend stepped in when my best laid plans went awry. 

This week has been very seedy, in the best possible way.  I have been working with a lovely old friend on an art project at Art Play. I have got to play with kids from underprivileged backgrounds, exploring seeds, making seeds, making boats, creating ideas, launching boats, making land art and discovering nature. It's been a huge week and I am especially grateful to my good friend for including me in her seed extravaganza,  it was a great start to the project and may be the beginning of a new work relationship.

I am amazed how different the lives of my children can be, from those not living very far away, and I am very grateful for everything we can give them.

For more grateful reflections visit Maxabella loves

Like Maxabella I am grateful for generally being a pretty happy person, I know we don't all get wired that way and it is indeed a privilege. 

I am also seriously grateful I don't have to work all the time, I send a bow of admiration to all the working mothers out there.


  1. Kirsty, this art project sounds like an amazing thing to get to be a part of. Art is a wonderful life, no doubt about it. I love watching creativity and imagination and reflection develop into something important. Combine that with good deeds and it is truly remarkable. x

  2. wow!!! firstly i'm blown away by the picture....all that nature looks wonderful...and how extraordinary that you get to be apart of something that you love!!!

  3. Sounds like an amazing project. THose photos are great & it looks like you're creationg something wonderful.

  4. What a fantastic and rewarding project to be involved with...and what lovely natural resources to be inspired by and work with.
    Lovely to read such a happy positive post!

  5. What a great project to be part of. I'm sure you're gaining just as much from it as they are. x

  6. Your seedy goings on sound like much fun! It must've been such a thrill to see the boats being launched by the kids! A lovely project.

  7. Maxabella, kids just do art so well, land art was particularly kid friendly.
    Brenda and Leanne, very extraordinary and wonderful, a year of collecting seeds.
    Jode, I love working with natural materials - there for everyone.

    Kellie I definitely get as much from the kids if not more. They were giving me special hugs at the end and saying we want to do more art. melts your heart

    Oh the boats were magic sailing away - can't wait to show you the pics.


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