Friday, November 11, 2011

Guilt Free Mango and Banana Ice Cream

 Chop bananas and mangoes into pieces and freeze in container.
 The next day take out and whiz in food processor, little ones like to press the button.

The result, delicious sweet, creamy ice cream.  Mr Bowerbird couldn't believe we hadn't added any sugar or cream.

Black clouds rolled in Wednesday for a big storm, poor little ones were frightened of all the thunder, lightning and short black out.  Fortunately the worst of the storm skirted us as some neighbouring towns were really hit hard, with trees down and roads blocked. The humidity this week has been intense, felt more like we were living in Darwin  than the Macedon Ranges.


  1. YUM!! It's amazing what you can do with mangoes, they just lift your spirits & tastebuds, bananas are not far behind either. Thanks for sharing this neat trick. Love Posie

  2. Definitely sounds like one to try.....I'm a bit of a fiend for ice cream, but could definitely do with some healthier alternatives

  3. I'lll have to try this as have an abundance of both of these ingredients. One problem, no food processor, maybe bamix will work

  4. Yummm! This is what we need! Mangoes were so delicious this week, I shared two mangoes over two days with the middle one and hubby was most distressed last night to hear that we had mangoes in the house which he didn't manage to see. Will have to make this, too easy. :)

  5. Oh yum I like the sound of that recipe, so easy and healthy too. My girls would love it and love to make it too. Thanks for sharing. x


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