Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thrush and Dog Poo : )

Our little backyard friend. Can you see the bird? It is hardly visible due to the deep nest. It's very quick but we think it's a Song Thrush, not native to Australia, but quite welcome at our home.  They have the most exquisite call.

 Such a beautiful nest and look what's inside!

Little one is having a hard time deciding what to pluck - peas, broad beans, or carrots. She's a raw food connoisseur.

 A flower shower.
When we play out the back there is a bleeting from next door.  
Our neighbours goat has pruned all the mirror bush in his reach and is requesting more.  He jumps right up for a feed of one of his favourite treats, so happens we hate this plant so he's welcome to it.
Big one climbs the compost bin to give him a feed.  

That's our dog poo compost bin which we have only emptied once in 7 years.  Just gets poo and a bit of grass, amazingly it doesn't smell and the worms take it all away so we rarely have to deal with it. Was all well composted when we emptied it and just went under a tree with some newspaper and mulch on top. Dog poo is the biggest downfall to having a dog, but this is a simple way of dealing with it.
 More food for our praying mantis and ladybirds.
Leaf curl, we treated the peach and nectarines with Koicide (a copper fungal treatment) at leaf bud stage but still a problem.  Nearly knocked over our new peach last year.  Will try two sprays next year as nothing you can do once you see the problem.
Little one wants in on the act. Trying to feed neighbours dog and chooks.
The birds and possums are fierce on our fruit so we are starting to net.  I don't mind sharing a bit but they are very greedy and will take the whole harvest given the chance.


  1. I did wonder what I was going to see photos of, with the subject of thrush and poo, but no, all was safe. Hope those eggs hatch.

  2. What a gorgeous nest! And aren't teh eggs so pretty? So lovely to have birds nesting nearby. How lovely to see the babies hatching. Keep us posted.

  3. Oh your garden is gorgeous!

    Those little eggs are so pretty in the nest, I hope you get to see the babies.

    Composting the dog poo is a great idea.


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