Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shhhh - Write on Wednesday

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 24 - This week is  a Choose Your Own Adventure week. Look to your left...In my sidebar you will find a list of the WoW writing exercises. Pick a prompt that takes your fancy and  make it work for you. Maybe you will work on yourNaNo story or another writing project or perhaps just a bit of creative exploration. You might even like to share your favorite book genre with us and then use the prompt to work on a similar theme.

We’re making fire,
Someone might hear us.
Paper, sticks,
Hearts pounding,
Heat on our backs,
Eyes wide,
Sparks dancing,
Flames kissing,
Golden grass,
The vacant block,
Is filled.
From afar,
Smoke billowing,
Burning black,
People looking,
Someone might see us.

Grass fire
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I didn't write for last weeks prompt so chose it as my adventure. "We're are learning to make fire", hope you're not bored with it. Just for the record, I've never lit a wild fire, and through summer I live in fear of children playing like this, as we live in a bushfire prone area.

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  1. It reminds me of when I was younger and they used to burn the stubble in the field behind our house.

    I was facinated but scared at the same time watching it creep closer and closer.

    I've never started (or seen a wild fire) but I can imagine how terrifying it must be!

  2. Very cool interpretation of the prompt. At first, I felt like I could be reading a children's book but then, I guess it is too dark for your usual children's story. I loved the simplicity of "Paper, sticks, Matches, Whoosh." Simple but it packed a punch! Do you link up to Lillie's Five Sentence Fiction? It's all about packing a punch with a small fist and I think you would suit it!

    Great writing

  3. love your writing here...beautiful.

    There is something dangerous and beautiful about fire.

  4. I like this a lot. Kind of like the primal instincts that we have towards fire simplified to an almost childlike manner as they try to hide their guilt.
    It was a thrill.

  5. Great poetry writing! The words that describe such distinctive sounds creates a vivid story of a fire blazing! Nice work!

  6. Oooh I could almost see these kids giggling and running away from the fire they started. Very cool :)

  7. I could see the kids giggling & hiding too... Great simplicity too

  8. I love the way this reads, getting quicker and quicker then hushing again.

  9. This is totally cool! It's so concise and yet portrays a rich scenario. I really liked the flow at the start, and the cheekiness of the end. Great poem! :)

  10. I was sucked in by the flow of this piece, it was perfect! I agree with Gill, you did so much in such a small space. Great job!!!

  11. Thankyou everyone for the lovely comments, I'm blown away! There is definitely something deeply primal about fire, I can still remember how enchanted I was with it as a child.

    I'll have to try out Lillie's five sentence fiction Ink Paper Pen, thanks for suggesting it.


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