Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another day at the beach - St Kilda Pier

 Saint Kilda Pier
Victoria, Australia

When we left Wilsons Promontory due to bad weather the middle one complained that he had missed out on a fishing expedition.  So on the last of dad's holiday time off we headed to Saint Kilda.  We had a beautiful day on the pier and a delicious lunch of dumplings in Acland Street.  Look what we saw at the end of the pier - that's a Little Blue Penguin's bottom and a Water Rat.  I love water rats, they're huge and more like an otter that a rat - this one's having a sip of some fresh water. It's so awesome to see these critters in the middle of the day in the middle of the city. Apparently there are around a 1000 penguins living in St Kilda, we got to see three of them.



On the pier it was cold and windy but when we were got to the end there was a beach sheltered by the rocks and it was warm, warm enough for a swim the little one decided.  I told her not to go in too far and she turned and said to me "But I just love it", who can resist that?  So off came all her clothes and my shoes and socks, so glad she made me, the water was surprisingly warm. We made a seaweed sandcastle and watched the fish sparkle in the sun.  The little one delighted in dropping the seaweed in and out of the water, watching it unfurl itself underwater to a ferny thing of beauty then lifting it out again as bedraggled green and red wet hair.  Finally at 6.30pm she was ready to come home and we gathered up the boys who were fishless but content. 


  1. Wow... that looks stunning!!!
    What a lovely garden :-)
    So, I know I've been terribly disorganized with getting the prizes of the Fairy Garden Competition out to their rightful owners... sooooo sorry!!!
    I have lost all of the emails from the competition so please can you send me your address again... my email is vined@ymail(dot)com
    I'll get your prize out to you in the next few days.
    Congrats again,
    Blessings and magic,

  2. Congrats on the prize - your fairy garden was beautiful. I know everyone loves penguins they are so cute but I have never seen one in the wild. Best wishes from Australian Picture Books


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