Saturday, October 8, 2011

Earthy, released

Almost a month ago I received a beautiful little house in the post. Earthy. I blogged about its lovely arrival, and how it had been posted at the same time as a rusted earthy house emerged from my potato patch. You can read more about why I chose the word Earthy here.
Anyone know what this is? An unsolved mystery at our house.

Earthy and I have been getting acquainted for quite some time now. I took it on a road trip, and then another, and then I put it somewhere safe.  So safe that I wondered if I'd lost it.  Finally I was sorting through the paperwork, yawn, and found my lovely little house.  Back into the handbag it went.  It came with us on a lovely adventure to the zoo, it's been to St Kilda, I forgot about it, then nowhere seemed quite right.  Finally I thought - stop being such a darned perfectionist hoarder and release this little house.

The kids and I were on our way home from Nanna and Pa's home and impulsively I thought I'd drive by the Maribyrnong River.  The more I reflect on where I placed my little home of happiness, the more perfect it seems. The Maribyrnong River winds its way through spaces very familiar to me.  Many of my old homes, friends, family, places of work, and play, are sited near this river. My current home is situated near it's source. I drove along the river past a marvellous nursery where wondrous earthy things happen, then I spotted a cute playground.  Not one of those nasty monoculture playgrounds, that have been ticked with every seal of approval apart from a child's happy nod. A proper playground, with room to use your imagination in.  It felt earthy, and nearby was a little watery, the breeze was gentle, all the elements were at play, except fire (I lit one when we got home).

The little home is perched on this beautiful creature. I like how I first photographed it at home on our red and white spotted stool and then released it on this green and blue spotted amphibian. I like how it has followed the journey of a river. Some synchronicity at play. I hope someone's small child goes for a frog leap, and finds this unexpected origami. I secured it with a stick hoping the breeze wouldn't carry it to the water.

The frog seemed happy, and so was I.  Farewell Earthy

Thankyou 1000 Homes of Happiness, this little home brought us 1000 smiles.

1000 Homes of Happiness


  1. What a gorgeous surprise for someone to find! I love that idea. xx

  2. I hadn't heard of this project before. Quite an apt name for your little "home" I think.

    I hope you don't mind that I did a little feature on my blog of some new to me blogs and included yours. Have a great weekend!

  3. Perfect spot for little home Earthy! I often have little homes floating around my handbag. Adore the green smiley frog!

    Thank you for the release and for supporting our project. We love your blog. xox

    We will link up very soon. xo


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