Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY and Buy Nothing New Month

I am now 10 days in to Buy Nothing New Month, we had bought nothing new until this weekend, then Mr Bowerbird went and bought some chain to hold our gate closed - $5.  This was an essential repair to prevent our dog from wandering, however, I'm sure we had chain around our house that might have been able to do the job.  Ah well, a small glitch, I am proud that I have bought nothing old either, my true weakness is Op-shops and we really need to de-clutter.  

The 10 year old has been good at keeping me honest, she said I couldn't buy the 50c water sprayers at the supermarket - you know the type you use to spray concoctions on your plants to keep the bugs and black spot away. Mostly I haven't missed buying things, however, it's a strange feeling saying to myself that I can't.  A bit like giving up smoking, buying stuff we like can be such a reflex action, used to lift our spirits or distract us from our thoughts.  I most probably wouldn't have bought anything much so far but there's a niggling feeling I'm missing out - I think it will fade as the month goes on.

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

I have also posted on my Blog everyday as part of Tinniegirl's Blogtober, and have been trying to continue the Spring Clean my sister began. I am almost at 100 posts so it's time to celebrate.

Now the Giveaway bit.  Once I went to a garage sale, and found a whole box of prints of beautiful parrots. It was the end of the day, and the garage sale sellers just wanted to get rid of them, so they sold me the lot.  I looked at them, admired them, and then put them downstairs in our mega junk room. My sister found them during the big clean up and helped me put some of them in frames, replacing the tired faded prints I had in them. They are on beautiful paper and exquisitely painted with water colours. After a little research I have discovered they were painted by Jacques Barraband for François Le Vaillant's Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets.  I'm assuming they're reprints of the original as they seem in far too good condition to be old. They both sound like fascinating characters and worth studying http://www.audubonhouse.org/barraband/barraband.cfm
Some of Francois' parrots have never been recorded in nature.

If you would like a parrot print for your house let me know your favourite colour and make a comment on this post before the 27th October 2011 - can't promise I can match a parrot to all colours but I will try. I will give away two prints, this competition is for Australian residents only due to the cost of postage, sorry. Actually I take that back - I think I can cut down some of the parrots to an A4 version which wouldn't be too expensive to post - so if your overseas and would like a smaller print let me know.

Variete du Perroquet Cendre

I am about to go through some seeds and will choose some of them to give away as well - a bit cheaper to post. I know I have a lot of beans and Giant Russian Sunflower seeds. Anyone overseas is welcome to enter for these if their quarantine laws will allow it.  

Winners will be randomly drawn on the 28th October 2011. Good luck.
For more Blogtober giveaways visit Curlypops .


  1. A wonderful post & what beautiful prints! My mum would love these - she keeps parrots - but I think I'd love them more, haha! Thank you for popping over to OPGP :) take care!

  2. Feels to me like I'm having a 'buy nothing new year'... would maybe be nice with 'buy some little thing month' soon.
    Honestly, and seriously, it's a wonderful idea. Imagine if every family did the same. Imagine the impact.
    Those prints are just lovely, I'm a big fan of prints with animals and I do love birds.
    Have a great day!

  3. Your challenge reminds me of Dottie Angel's Challenge of the Utmost Kind, which I took part in just over a year ago ~ it was quite hard at times, but it was a great way to reconsider priorities and determine what is really "need" and what is just "want".
    Oh, I'd love a parrot print! If you decide to send one my way, colour is no big deal ~ I like to be surprised. ;)
    Have a happy Tuesday!

  4. What wonderful prints! I love Australia fauna art and my favourite colour is blue :)

  5. Congratulations on your buy nothing new challenge. I feel a bit like I've been on a buying spree lately, but it's mostly supplies for household repairs and the kitchen. Not that that's an excuse.

    The parrot prints are beautiful but I'm afraid they might contrast quite oddly with all of the cat photos gracing my walls! But I hope they all find good homes.

  6. The parrot prints look beautiful. Hubby is a bird fancier and I'd love to win one, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. What a lovely giveaway.

  7. O yes please. My favourite colour is green but blue is close enough if green isn't available.

  8. Oh what lovely prints my son would be thrilled he is two and half and loves parrots. Green in my most favorite color but there are so manyother.

  9. I only just came to your blog today from 1000 homes of happiness. Love that blog and it appears that this blog is just as good. I have a blog but no-one reads but that ok, I don't keep it up at the moment.

    What a great post. I really admire your challenge of not buying anything new month. I would love to give this a go however I am really bad at buying things on 'special'. I might give it a try though in March (no birthdays).

    The parrot prints are beautiful. My favourite colour is red.

    As from today, I will be popping in to say hello. Have a great day. xxx

  10. I thought I left a comment here the other day, maybe something went wrong. Anyway, later it dawned on me that I don't live in Australia, far from it. How could I forget :)
    Anyway, lovely prints and good luck to everyone!

  11. No quarantine stuff for Holland (EU) as far as I know ;-)

    Love the name of your blog, since I am into blue myself.

    Ciao, Fleur

    Fleur @ BlueMarkForME .com

  12. I was a total bust with Buy Nothing New months... made it about 11 or 12 days...!

    If I won I'd love a quaker parrot picture! Or maybe they aren't real parrots...? If not, my favourite colour at the moment is yellow. :)

    My Mr would be MOST excited about the seeds; all I am allowed to grow in our yard is vegetables...

  13. Thank you for your generosity and the chance to participate in your giveaway - lovely prints!
    Please visit my blog and leave a comment to add you to my drawing :)
    Greetings from Mexico and happy blog hopping!

  14. I love the idea of 'not buying anything new' month! I may have to follow your example!
    I'm in the UK but I'd love a small print and/or some seeds!
    Thank you!

  15. My son is a birding fanatic and is favorite parrot is the Blue Macaw so I'd have to say blue for fav. color. We're in the US so if you are able to include us in your giveaway, that's great, if not - that's fine too. Postage is expensive these days!

  16. Lovely prints. They remind me of some botanical and bird prints I have. Favourite colour is blue or green. Thanks :)

  17. How beautiful!
    My middle little has a birthday in October so although I often give handmade, not buying new is a commitment i can't make for October but I am inspired to do it for November!
    Thanks for the chance to win a print.


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