Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Shelf Vintage and Thrifty Bits

 On the Shelf,  My Place and Yours, a meme from Punky and Me has inspired this post.
My gorgeous sister has loaned me this delightful Art Deco shelf while she's overseas, I now have lots of her stuff around my house, which means she's not easily forgotten.  On it sits treasures from both my Nanna's houses, who are sadly no longer around.  Those Nanna's rocked, and looking at these items transports me to their loving homes. Also on the shelf I have a salt cellar, (this is one of many) and a vase (bottom right) that has been chipped many times but I can't bear to pass with it. Lots of warmth and memories radiating from the corner of my kitchen.

I pulled this out for vegie group on Friday, it was knitted by my generous and clever friend Kim at Kimbamel

On the kids shelf (vintage telephone table) is a mountain of plastic treasures found at op shops and garage sales. The basket of plastic food is a huge hit, lots of cooking going on.  

Actually there is a lot more off the shelf!

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  1. I love that shelf and the treasures from your Nanna's. Lovely memories.

  2. Well my surname really is Bower so it's no wonder I loved looking at your shelves !

  3. Oh a love that art deco shelf.

  4. Glad my bits are getting some sister love and that they are more company than clutter x x x


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