Wednesday, October 5, 2011

School Holiday fun and Buying Nothing new


The big one made gingerbread biscuits this week, she started cooking on her own, then a friend came to visit, and then the smaller ones joined in, and it was an all in cookie fest.  She was very kind and patient with the cookie dough stealers and later did a gorgeous job decorating them. She's really found her cooking hands, or would that be a brown thumb? Little one had to have her sandwich in shapes once the cutters were out.

After my sister helped me remove some of the excess stuff from my life I have felt a duty to carry on her hard work, so I am continuing to cleanse and have made a pledge to Buy Nothing New Month.  Great marketing promotion by those who deal in all things second hand, but also thoroughly worthwhile. I really shouldn't buy anything old either, as this is where my gathering problem lies. So far so good, although I had to control myself in Acland Street - Saint Kilda yesterday, especially in the book shop which had so many lovely reads.  I think a month will go by quickly, I wonder if I could do it for a year?

I do love a challenge, so I have also joined Blogtober hosted by tinniegirl, which requires its participants to post in their blog daily.  If it was Blogtember I would have been successful.  I think I should be pretty OK on this one too, I was always the kid who kept talking and the last to go to sleep at sleepovers.  Perhaps a bit less stuff, and a few less blog words, or perhaps a few less blog pictures.  Can you see how I am filling up my blog with clutter?  A gadget here, a picture there.  I'm gathering blue bits for my bower down the right hand side of my blog, they're all things I've posted about.  Just can't help myself.

Others I know of who are Buying Nothing New this month
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Have you made the pledge? these amazing ladies are going without new for a whole year
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Dottie Angel has a huge list on her blog of those who have joined her challenge, that's a whole lot of recycling going on. I like the hand crafted clause however I'll keep away from that this month too.

I think in the name of decluttering, and Blogtober, I might find something to give away, stay tuned.

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  1. I am happy to hear that you are BNN this month! I will look with interest to see how it effects you. Maybe you will become a convert :-) I haven't found Dottie Angel so will pop over. Thanks for the link x


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