Saturday, October 22, 2011

Confession of an Op Shop Addict

Came downstairs this morning to this funny picture.  Kids dancing to "I see you baby shakin that .... " with bowls as bottoms. Guess what Bowerbird dad was doing?


Now for some sordid truth.

If you read my post yesterday I mentioned I didn't need any more stuff in my life .
It was time to hold back on this buying business,
Well I think I have a problem,
In fact I know I have,
I went to the op shop yesterday,
And couldn't help myself,
I bought old, 
In fact, a lot of old,
I came home with the red, white, and blue bag!

 This is me exercising restraint! $47.24! ouch.

Poor middle one said their is nothing for me.  But then had a great time reading books and playing with magnets with the little one.

I was confessing to mum on Skype last night, she was laughing at me and telling me I'm hopeless, and then had a few confessions of her own.  I know where I get my problem from - she's just been travelling and has come back with an old ink well, cigar case, cigar cutter (she doesn't smoke), batik, and bought a new skirt and pants. She lives in a flat full of Indonesian treasures and is hopeless at resisting old gems and crafting genius. 

I think collecting is hereditary - fulfilling some deep primal urge - however we should be gathering berries and roots - feathers and rocks - not clutter.

As punishment for my sins I am filling that red blue and white bag to the brim with stuff to go back to the op shop. As I have two new jumpers, I have pulled out all my jumpers and found a maternity one at the bottom, been a while since I cleaned that shelf out. 

Still staying true to the Buy Nothing new Pledge, and Blogtober - on the home stretch now.

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  1. least all the treasures were from the OP shop! :) it would have set you back a bit more if it was all new! :)

  2. You are naughty!

    Thanks for sharing your treasures though. The string book looks interesting. I recently made a macrame pot hanger for a friends house warming present, a craft that I learnt in primary school. Going to make more for Christmas. I saw one on pinterest for $60!! Everything old is new again.

  3. Nooooooooooo!!!
    You were being so strong! Ha at least you buyeth and gaveth back. Our new flat is steadily filling but seems like neccessity when you've a blank home, oh dear I can only imagine what i'll be shipping back. x

  4. Lauren, very true I'd hate to think how much it would have cost new, it's just you don't expect that kind of total when you go to the op shop.

    Lee the string book is way cool. The kids are feeling very inspired. Wish I could macrame, my sister looooves the stuff. So may possibilities. I like the gourds wrapped in string - just need to grow some gourds now.

    Sweet sister be strong, must be a wealth of treasure to be had. Sorry to undo a little of your hard work but I do have a very full op shop bag and bags for kids next door so feel a little better.


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