Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogiversary - post 100

Christine at Slow Living Essentials suggested to me I write a blog a long time ago.  I was always sending pictures for her to look at - maybe she just didn't want me clogging up her inbox  with my holiday pics :) I had a bit of a glance at a few blogs, including Christine's masterpiece, but wasn't really sure I had much to say or why I'd start blogging.  

Then I thought I'd have a little dabble, and discovered that I really enjoyed it.  It's like the diary I always wanted to keep, only better. I love the comments, so exciting to share your thoughts with someone on the other side of the world.  I'm still figuring out what I'm doing with this blogging business.  I'm passionate about so many things, so the blog does end up a bit of a jumble of ideas. I bit like my mind really. Now I'm addicted and have written 100 posts, although I'm feeling far less wise and experienced than a centenarian (Wikipedia says there were 3,700 of them in Australia last year).  Over time the blog will be a great record of our lives, it will be interesting to look back on as the years go by.

Peter Cundall meets Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (a classy centenarian) with Peter Cundall - I hope I age as well as these two.

Yesterday I got to spend the day with a gorgeous old high school friend working on 3 of our passions.  Art, children and nature.  I am helping artist Kathy Holowko with a project at Art Play, Melbourne .  We are producing a massive nature table filled with seeds (we've both been collecting them for a while now). We want to convey how amazing seeds are, and the kids will have a go at making paper seeds and thinking about the concept of seeds as ideas.  They will also get to make a boat and send it into the world with a special idea. It was so lovely to be working with a good friend , sharing ideas, and creating. I will post some pics when it all happens in November.  I think if we wow kids about how exciting,diverse, mysterious and wondrous the natural world is, and help them engage with it, that they will care for it in the future. Kathy is pictured below making spider webs.

I have been furiously cleaning and cooking today as tomorrow I have Vegie Group at my place.  Around a dozen women and their small children will descend on my house, eat, chat and then work in my vegie patch.  It will be great to have the weeds cleared after all the spring growth. I have a trailer load of manure enriched soil to empty on my beds for the summer crops - at $29 for a small trailer load this is much cheaper than buying manure and  my vegies loved it last year. The vegie group are like family, they tie me to my community, and really keep me inspired with my garden, a highlight of the week.

I'd better get back to the preparation, it can feel a bit like a tornado when everyone arrives.

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  1. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch is adorable, and clever. Not many can say that at 102.

    Congratulations on your own centenarian milestone, I hope you continue with the same enthusiasm! I am enjoying being allowed to read your diary.

  2. Congrats on 100!
    I am very glad you started blogging as I love reading all about your little projects.
    I am looking forward to seeing some of the photos from the art project.
    Good luck with the gardening.
    Take care

  3. You can clog up my inbox anytime with your pics ;).

    I'm so pleased you decided to try blogging..and that you're enjoying it! It's great to really 'see' what's going through your thoughts.

    Congrats on 100 posts and thankyou for a delicious morning tea and lovely vegie group today. xx


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