Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's on the radar?

512 km composite Melbourne Radar Loop:

I am addicted to the radar.

Does anyone else love watching the weather radar? It's just so good - looking at the wind direction, watching the rain coming in - especially when there's some red, which means heavy falls. I sometimes plan my day around it - checking to see if I should put the washing outside.  Kind of spoils the weather surprise, but can create a great deal of anticipation. You can see what's happening nationally - those cyclones up north look pretty incredible as the blues and reds swirl in circles.

It's so amazing how much information we can know about the weather with the click of a mouse, of course nothing beats looking out the window, or even better, stepping outside.

Wish they could tell me if we've seen the last of frosts like these, so I know when it's safe to plant my summer vegies.


  1. I too have a bit of a love affair with the BOM website. The loop radar is the best thing ever and many a summer afternoon at work I have spent with it open on my desktop, watching a red band of weather creep up from the south!

  2. L-O-V-E the radar. I get excited by the red bits in storm cells (it doesn't rain much here!).

  3. Never, ever watched the radar?! Dropping in to tell you about Play Ideas simple idea to inspire a post called Word for Wednesday

  4. So I am not alone! RRRRREeeed.
    Lesley you are missing out. Like the imagination idea, will see if I can think of something.


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