Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ladybirds, Aphids and Nature

We are overrun with aphids.  All over the roses, which you would expect, but they're not stopping there.  Surprisingly, the Japanese Maple is covered in them.  I've never noticed this happen before, but perhaps it has and I just hadn't observed it.  I spied a maple tree a whole town away under siege as well.
 Fortunately there is someone to the rescue.
 In her red and black cape. Sipping nectar.

 Making friends.

and multiplying. Leaving her eggs behind all over the place.  I spied many young ladybirds gathered in groups today. Planning there attack I dare say.

 The little ones are loving the appearance of these pretty critters.  We might try keeping a few to watch their freaky life cycle.

On keeping ladybugs in your garden
We already have a critter we're keeping a close eye on, but that's for another post.
    We love Miniscule, beware if you look up lady bird on You Tube you can be entertained for hours!

For more on my love of lady birds checkout this post on Alexander Beetle.

We're linking up with 1000 Homes of Happiness 'Nature' theme this week.  I'm a nature nut.  All the best stuff happens out there.



  1. We have aphids too...everywhere! I must go and look to see if the ladybirds have arrived, they can't come soon enough. Wonderful pictures, I'm glad you included the eggs so I know what NOT to get rid of.

    We love miniscule too, it always starts just as we are about to eat dinner though - but often the dinner goes cold because we can't resist!

  2. Love these pictures!

    Also, I have given you an award on my blog.

  3. Hello, Kirsty! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I love your poems. Hope to read more in the near future! =)

    / Rain

  4. Wow you've really captured it beautifully with those photos!

  5. Wow, your photographs are amazing! Under attack indeed. You have me planning to get out in our garden tomorrow to scan our plants.

    I love idea of an army of ladybugs plotting against the aphids.

    Thank you for joining in the fun.



  6. Wondering if you've found any ladybird eggs Christine.

    Thanks for the award Lillie and Rain, that's very kind of you both.

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments about my photos, those ladybirds can't help but look cute, certainly a challenge to photograph.


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