Friday, October 21, 2011

Op Shop Yearning - Buy Nothing New Month Day 20

I think it's about a month since I've been to an op-shop, I hear gasping, it is some sort of personal record.  I'm feeling an itch for old stuff, and scrounging, and 70s colour, the thrill of the hunt and gather.  I've been participating in Buy Nothing New Month, and in the name of de-cluttering, I have been avoiding buying anything old as well.  We just seriously don't need any more stuff in our lives, there's not enough room to enjoy the stuff we have.

Mr Bowerbird broke the buy nothing new pledge again this week, first it was $5 worth of chain to fix the fence with, now it's new sunglasses $7, to replace the ones that have broken. Out bloody rageous, hard to find sunnies you like at the op shop though - probably should have spent more and tried to get some that will last. I've made not buying easier on myself, by not going anywhere, after all if you're not buying, you don't need to go to town. I also keep rapidly deleting my Outlook 'shopping' folder, where tempting emails from the Book Depository, Fishpond or Aldi might land.

I'm not really finding I'm missing much. I want some blackboard paint, and its more for work, not pleasure, so I might go there....And I would like to visit those lovely old ladies selling recycled fashion.

Tomorrow I have vegie group at a friends house, and it will be the closest I've been to the shops for weeks (apart from the tiny local supermarket), there will be good op-shops nearby and I do have some goods I need to take to them. I might have a peek, and be VERY restrained.

My bank balance is looking better than normal, there is some money in it, as opposed to the fortnightly boom bust cycle.  I'm not much of a shopper but I must be buying something because that account doesn't tell lies like my mind might.  I think even not going out anywhere has saved us money - no fuel, no coffees, food for kids.... I'm not missing it really - more time to garden, to play, to cook, to organise, to craft, to be.  Giving up buying is a bit like going on a good detox diet, well I imagine that's what a good detox diet feels like, if I ever went on one. It's training my mind to say no to stuff, a bit like giving up smoking, trying to catch my brain's shopping reflex, before I've taken a puff of consumerism. I think it will make me more mindful next month when buying things, I may even try to keep going with it, at least the buy nothing new bit.

Buy Nothing New

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  1. Ok, so I'm falling over with curiosity.. how did you go at the op-shop? No impulse buys or sneaky, under the radar purchases for the small bowerbird?

    I very much like this idea and give you a big pat on the back for doing so well. By the way, we have a small tin of blackboard paint here that you are welcome to dip into, all for the cause, of course!

  2. I have been generally thinking about reducing consumption and thinking about things before I buy them.

    I must remember buy nothing new month for next year.

    I am curious too. DId you get away unscathed from your sneaky peak??

  3. oooh that must be a cracker of a challenge! Well done you! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the blog and also for your bunt which arrived on Wed or Thurs - love love love it - thank you! Great to meet you - had to laugh when I saw you were getting mail for Beck Wood - perhaps she is your alter ego!


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