Thursday, October 20, 2011

Land Art Dragon Fly

I've been gazing at pictures of Land Art today, thinking about a project to do with kids, pinning away. Land Art is amazing! Recognising the beauty in nature, looking at it's patterns and creating art using natural materials, it is not housed in a gallery, and all the bits you need are there, ready at your disposal. The work is ephemeral and requires no cleaning up.

Here's what I'm talking about.


Andy Goldsworthy

Here is a wonderful blog dedicated to kids doing land art: and website

So after telling the kids about land art I rounded up the girls and got them outside to have a go.  Big one suggested a butterfly, then little one said dragon fly, and as she is two and always right, that is what we decided to do. 

Materials -azaleas, camellias, rose petals, rhododendrons, seaside daisies, calendula flowers, broccoli leaves.

Reminds me of Pro Hart. The wind is blowing out there tonight so there may not be much left of dragon fly tomorrow, but playing with flowers was so much fun - 2 and 10 year old had a great time!

Junior Landcare starts again for the term tomorrow.  Lot's of work in the school's vegie patch required, getting the beds ready and planted with summer crops. Lots of outdoor play as well I'm sure.

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  1. Just beautiful! I love nature pictures & you have some really cool, unique ones! Thanks for linkin got Living Life Intentionally Linky Party!

  2. LOVE IT! Just hoped over form LLI Linky Party.

  3. This is such an incredible idea! My girl would love it! Popping over to say HELLO from blogtoberfest

  4. That art is just beautiful. I would never have thought to do something like that. I can imagine it would be a big favourite with children, they love to play with natural items don't they:) My little girl loves to make fairy rings or little nests all the time. I love the pink dragon fly. Thank you for the links.

  5. Gorgeous. What a clever idea. I love the photos you've pinned. Will keep this in mind when we're out and about.

  6. LOVE the dragonfly! Those eyes are just so realistic! A wonderful way to get budding artists creative in their natural environment.

  7. LOVE land art - only just discovered recently when high school daughter did Andy Goldworthy project. My mother has been a nature/land artist all her life and did not know it. She combines art, ikebana and found natural objects into beautiful creations. I will definately love doing these ideas with the little kids.

  8. Love it. love it, love it. Guess what we are doing tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Beth, thanks for having me.
    Anon, thanks for the love
    Robin, Hello to you too

    Catherine, would love to see a picture of your fairy rings or any land art you do.

    Pauline, look forward to seeing a creation.

    Thanks Christine. I love it's simplicity, even I can do it!

    52 days your mum sounds ace, what a role model.Let me know if you make something.


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