Monday, October 24, 2011

Thunderstorms and Rainy Songs

Saturday was at first a fine Spring morning, then the sky turned grey, then black, then a pelting down, red on the radar, cats and dogs rain came down. Lightning flashed through our windows and the thunder rolled over. I love a good storm, as long as the lightning doesn't strike too close. The plants got a much needed drink, and I like to think they are getting an extra fix of nitrogen with each flash of lightning.

Needless to say it wasn't an adventuring outdoors, jumping in puddles with the kids, kind of day. We even turned off the electrical appliances.

The middle one played with milk bottles making Halloween lantern creations.

 These are the doors for the candles, we'll put some sand in the bottom to hold them still.

Little one danced. She is very keen on her music at the moment.

The Bowerbirds played with Friday's op shop buys. Middle one read Tickle My Nose to little one, actions and all.

The big bowerbird and I sorted through her clothes, a whole lot that won't fit this summer, putting aside favourites for the little one and other's to pass on to friends. She's almost as big as me now, we share the same shoe size. She's old enough to choose her own music too, and as we culled clothes she put on some Sal Kimber and the Rollin' Wheel 'Sounds Like Thunder' as the storm rolled through. Lovely she still shares some of her mum's musical tastes, we could sing rainy songs together.

Today was warm and sunny, a breezy hay fever sneezy kind of day. Tomorrow is forecast 17 and rain, crazy all over the place Spring weather. The kids will walk to school together, probably with umbrellas, in the rain tomorrow, they like it, a bit of extra adventure.

Not a very outdoor wet rainy post to play along with The Playlist, more indoor imaginative play! We had more water play with our sandy post last week. 

On Thursday, I did spray 25 hot students with the hose whilst watering the garden after working in the school vegie patch.  I got the teachers permission for the first Junior Landcare class we had, and held the hose high, waving it about and watching them squeal and run under the spray.  I think it was the highlight of their day.  The poor second class had a much sterner teacher who wasn't even happy with the kids using mattocks, so I didn't dare ask if I could wet them too.

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  1. I love a good (no destruction) thunderstorm too, especially at bedtime. It seems so relaxing. Your milk jug Halloween lanterns are great.

  2. So glad i found your having fun exploring!
    Love the milk cartons...looks like a lot of fun had there. We are getting a lot of storms here too, great to watch as long as that lightening stays far away!
    Jode x

  3. Scary lanterns! I'm glad they balanced out all that scariness with a rainbow at the end! Lol! What a fun idea.

  4. Gorgeous! Love those lanterns. What a fab idea. Love a good storm as well and those big heavy rain drops.

    Thanks for joining in the fun! Thrilled to have you on board. I am becoming increasingly addicted to your blog! xox

    p.s - I have a few more wonderful 'earthy' little homes ready to send of soon. I have been terrible at returning my emails of late...sorry.

    Chat soon. xx

  5. Love the decorated milk cartons! We haven't really had the rain here. Strange because we always seems to get it.

  6. Thanks for linking up to Afterschool! Love those milk jugs - they might make a perfect haunted house too!

  7. Little wonders, funny a storm can be relaxing - maybe it after the tension has built before a storm, finally the release.

    Jode, so pleased you found me too, milk cartons so easy and look great lit up.

    Mom and Kiddo. He has elaborate things going on in his mind that little one, so there is probably some evil rainbow story to go with the picture.

    Hello Kellie, addicted to my blog, well the feeling is mutual, we'll be watching the letter box with excitement, no need for any apologies, life sounds pretty hectic at your place.

  8. I like the haunted house idea raising a happy Child, maybe the candle door at the front.

    Perhaps we have your rain Lee


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